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Does my fire alarm expire?

Though every house is legally obligated to contain a fire alarm, many people sleep in their beds blissfully unaware that their fire alarm is past its expiration date — leaving their home and their families at a considerably higher fire risk. In fact, fire alarms need to be replaced at least every ten years, starting from the manufacturer date. This article is going to explain the reason for this and how you can check when your fire alarm needs to be replaced. Why do fire alarms have a ten year expiration date? It’s first important to explain that fire alarms have…

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The Future of CCTV

CCTV was first used in WWII; a camera was created inside of a box to monitor the launch of the Germans’ V2 rocket. It’s been over 75 years since this conception, and while the use has certainly changed, with CCTV now used almost exclusively to detect criminal activity both domestically and commercially, little has changed of its capabilities. However, technology continues to become more and more advanced and shows no sign of stopping. The internet of things — a heightened intelligence and interconnectedness between all technological devices — is already emerging and looks set to cement itself as a standard for…

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5 Tips to Securing Your Home During the Festive Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for most. Unfortunately for some, Christmas time attracts many opportunistic criminals, taking advantage of the many inviting features that the holiday season brings. Luckily, by following our top five tips, you can have yourself a very merry Christmas: Make sure neither your presents nor the Christmas tree is visible from outside your home. Criminals are opportunistic; they like to enter and exit the house as quickly as possible. Showing your tree from the outside may as well be a sign post to where a lot of your valuable items are situated. Potential…

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Laws Around Home CCTV

The technological advancements of security cameras combined with the decrease in application costs has seen a sudden rise in domestic CCTV use across the country. Some CCTV cameras act simply as a deterrent and may be very limited in functionality, if functional at all. On the other hand, many CCTV cameras are full of features, with some being inconspicuously small, and many others using a mobile app to give you security coverage on your phone. In response to CCTV becoming more commonplace, the team at Protect & Detect have put together this article, answering questions and helping you to understand the…

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Fire Alarm Maintenance Checklist

Regularly checking your fire alarm system can be a lifesaver. A single fault in a single component could cause the entire system to fail. To ensure your household will be sufficiently alerted to any potential fires, read the following guide – created by the team here at Protect & Detect – and go to sleep knowing you’ve kept you and your family safe. Different types of fire alarm systems There are various fire alarm systems nowadays; each deliver the same results but operate in slightly different ways. They can be grouped into the following four categories: Conventional Fire Alarm System A…

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Halloween Fire Safety

Screams are expected during Halloween season, but Halloween screams should be the result of innocent fun – and not because of fires that could have easily been avoided. There are many extra fire hazards to be cautious of around Halloween time. This article will be highlighting the things to look out for, and will offer tips on how to stay safe this Halloween season. Flammable costumes Unbeknownst to many, most Halloween costumes are categorised as toys and not clothing. Consequently, these costumes do not necessarily need to adhere to the same fire safety laws as most clothing. This means that many…

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Why Do I Need Fire Safety Signage?

As we all know, fires can have devastating consequences, particularly in large, complex commercial premises where organisation is paramount. In such buildings, fire safety must always be at a top priority, ensuring that each employee is prepared for any eventuality. One of the best ways to achieve this is through fire safety signage, ranging from fire exit to assembly point signs, all of which can truly save lives. In this article we will take a look at this signage, highlighting why it’s so important. Fire exit signage While, for smaller buildings which only have one exit, fire exit signage isn’t always…

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Why Do I Need a Burglar alarm System?

Being a homeowner can be stressful. With all of our personal belongings and loved ones under one roof, it’s hard not to get anxious about their safety. On top of this, even if you live in an area which – statistically – is safe, it doesn’t mean that you are not going to be worried when you leave the house. So, the fix? Have a burglar alarm installed at your home. A burglar alarm will help to alleviate some of the worry that comes with leaving your home, and offers some real protection, too. In this article, we’ll look at some…

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Why Does My Business Need a Burglar Alarm?

Businesses all over the UK lose thousands and thousands of pounds every year due to theft and vandalism, something which could be avoided if the correct security system was installed. You might not think that something as simple as a burglar alarm could have a positive impact on your profits and staff wellbeing, but there are numerous long term benefits to installing such a system. In light of this, in this article, the team at Protect & Detect are going to list some of the key benefits, explaining them in a little more detail. A deterrent to criminals The best kinds…

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Factory Fire Safety Checklist

In order to prevent a fire from occurring at work, particularly in larger industrial premises with more potential risks, organisation and preparation is key. In light of this, this month the team at Protect & Detect will be providing a thorough checklist for your factory, so you can identify and eliminate any dangers. Tidiness From stray materials to poorly labelled containers, failing to keep your factory in order can lead to disastrous consequences. Here are some tips to keep your premises risk free: Make sure that the premises is kept clear of combustible process waste and refuse. This will help to…

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