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Screams are expected during Halloween season, but Halloween screams should be the result of innocent fun – and not because of fires that could have easily been avoided.

There are many extra fire hazards to be cautious of around Halloween time.

This article will be highlighting the things to look out for, and will offer tips on how to stay safe this Halloween season.

Flammable costumes

Unbeknownst to many, most Halloween costumes are categorised as toys and not clothing.

Consequently, these costumes do not necessarily need to adhere to the same fire safety laws as most clothing. This means that many fancy dress costumes can burn rapidly, providing less time for the wearer to perform safety measures like the stop, drop and roll technique.

Our advice is to be aware of the fabrics in the costumes you buy. Natural materials, such as silk, cotton and wool are the safer options, as they are more flame retardant than synthetic materials.

Naked flames

Candles are a common feature of the Halloween season; they are versatile and create a sinister atmosphere.

However, naked flames always need to be handled with the utmost care.

If you choose to decorate your home with candles, it’s important that you situate them in isolated areas where they won’t be easily touched by other people or objects.

Ensure that other decorations stay well away, as dangling ghouls or cobweb decorations could easily catch fire.

An even safer alternative is to replace your naked flames altogether with LED candles.

LED lights are much safer than naked flames whilst still offering a similar effect.

This substitute is especially handy to use in pumpkins that have been carved for decoration.

The LED lights glow inside and illuminate the pumpkin, whilst being considerably less dangerous than a naked flame.

Open Flame


Even if you choose to dismiss candles altogether, decorating your house with electrical decorations can still warrant a fire hazard.

Try to be systematic about how many electrical items you include in your decorations. Using too many at one time could potentially overload plug sockets and cause a fire.

What to do if there’s a fire

If you’re cautious of the potential safety hazards around your home, you will greatly reduce the chances of a fire starting this Halloween.

However, it’s always important to ensure both yourself and your children fully understand the procedure if your costume does catch fire.

You should take time to speak to your child about the following method and make sure they understand fully what to do in such a situation.

STOP – Stop what you are doing and don’t move about. Running around can make things worse.

DROP – Drop to the ground and onto your stomach. Lay out flat with your legs straight and your hands covering your eyes and mouth.

ROLL – Roll around continuously on your stomach and back until the flames go out. Continue to cover your eyes and mouth as you do this to avoid any smoke inhalation or damage.

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