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Businesses all over the UK lose thousands and thousands of pounds every year due to theft and vandalism, something which could be avoided if the correct security system was installed.

You might not think that something as simple as a burglar alarm could have a positive impact on your profits and staff wellbeing, but there are numerous long term benefits to installing such a system.

In light of this, in this article, the team at Protect & Detect are going to list some of the key benefits, explaining them in a little more detail.

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A deterrent to criminals

The best kinds of security systems don’t just stop crime whilst it’s happening, but rather stop it from happening in the first place.

That is, they act as deterrents by offering a visible warning to potential criminals that committing a crime here wouldn’t be worth the risk.

While not all burglar alarm systems will be clearly visible on the exterior of a building, many burglar alarms will be able to act as a decent deterrent for criminals.

Some systems may even come with signage which alerts would-be thieves to the fact that the building has a state-of-the-art alarm system.

Reducing employee theft

Burglar alarms needn’t simply be a deterrent for external threats, however.

Employee theft is a real problem for businesses up and down the country and, without proper internal security, can be difficult to deal with.

However, if employees are aware of a burglar alarm system within the building, they will be much less likely to commit a crime.

Prevent successful burglaries

Although your burglar alarm system will deter many crimes from happening in the first place, there will always be some who take the risk regardless.

If you have an unmonitored system installed it’s likely that, when triggered, the sounding of the alarm will reduce the amount of time an intruder spends in your premises.

However, if the intruder is still not deterred and there’s no one around to stop them, the criminal may proceed.

A monitored system, on the other hand, would be able to prevent this scenario.

With a monitored system, when the alarm is triggered at any time of day or night, a signal will be sent to an external monitoring station, alerting them to a potential problem at the premises.

The monitoring station will then get in contact with you, to check whether the emergency is real and contact the emergency services, if needs be, to go and shut down the activity.

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