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Fire safety and fire protocol awareness are essential in any work environment to ensure the lives of all personnel are kept out of danger in the event of a fire.

As fire risk assessments are a legal requirement for all offices and businesses, this article will serve to explain what the procedure entails and how it can be completed successfully.

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In England and Wales, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is the legal obligation of the employer or building owner of any business to ensure a full and detailed fire risk assessment is conducted and kept up-to-date.

This individual is known as the ‘responsible person’ who must identify any potential risks on the premises and implement procedures for keeping all staff safe in the case of a fire.

During a fire risk assessment, the responsible person must:

– Identify any possible fire hazards and inform staff of the potential dangers

– Record their findings and put in place the appropriate fire safety measures

– Prepare an emergency plan and provide relevant fire safety instruction and training to staff

– Regularly review and update the risk assessment of their premises

There are a number of things to bear in mind when carrying out a fire safety assessment, so make sure you make a note of the things you need to be looking out for so that nothing is left out. As part of the assessment, a few of the factors you will need to consider are:

– Emergency safety routes and exits. The emergency evacuation plan will need to be reviewed to ensure it fits with your findings during this part of the assessment

– Fire detection and warning systems. Depending on the type of building and occupancy, this includes smoke or heat detectors, electronic sirens or break-glass call points.

– Fire-fighting equipment. This includes fire buckets and fire extinguishers and their regular maintenance and testing. For a guide on the various types of fire extinguishers available, see this article.

– The needs of vulnerable people, such as the elderly or disabled.

– Staff fire safety training on new procedures or a refresher session on those currently in place.

All these tips provide you with the relevant guidelines of things to consider when carrying out a fire risk assessment, with the help of standard fire safety advice documents.

Alternatively, you will need to appoint a professional risk assessor if you do not have the knowledge or time to do the fire risk assessment yourself.

As one of the leading fire and security companies serving Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester and the surrounding areas, our specialist team here at Protect & Detect are on hand to carry out thorough fire risk assessments on your behalf.

=We also offer detailed training for a responsible person to conduct the assessment themselves. We offer a comprehensive range of fire systems which include:

– Conventional fire alarms

– Radio fire alarm systems

– Fire alarms for deaf people

– Fire alarm testing equipment

– Fire alarm repair

Protect & Detect is a leading fire safety and security company, servicing Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds, Chelmsford and beyond.

Protect & Detect offers a wide range of fire safety and security services including; fire alarms, fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, intruder alarms, fire sprinkler systems, access control, door entry systems, CCTV, barriers, nurse and warden calls. Contact our friendly team today for a quick quote.


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