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When we think of fire safety equipment, the obvious answers are fire extinguishers, detection systems, and evacuation routes.

However, there are a number of things you can install in or around the building to reduce the risk of a fire, and to enable you to deal with one should it ever occur.

Car park barriers are an effective tool to reduce fire hazards to your premises, and can also help to keep the building a safer place to be in general.

We’ve listed the benefits of installing barriers or bollards to your premises below.

car park barrier

Prevents trespassers

One of the biggest causes of fire in the workplace is arson, so preventing unauthorised people from accessing your premises should be a priority.  

Installing car park barriers or bollards on the premises restricts access to only those who are authorised, by either a code or pass shared only with employees.

This will also easily allow you to stop and identify anyone who tries to gain access without permission, and identify which employees are parked on site.

Stops the car park becoming overfilled and dangerous

A car park barrier can prevent an overflow of cars trying to park on site, which can be dangerous in the event of an evacuation due to fire.

Too many cars blocking the car park can prevent the authorised persons and the emergency services from accessing the building in the event of an accident or fire, so a car park barrier gives control over this issue.

Safety for the people on your premises

A car park barrier or bollards provides an additional level of security for your premises, providing safety for the employees and people working on-site.

Car parking barriers removes the ability for unauthorised people to gain access to the premises, something that will often make employees feel more comfortable so they can carry on with their work undistracted.

Stopping through-traffic

Drivers using our premises as a shortcut can be dangerous, causing unnecessary levels of traffic at unpredictable times through your car park and premises.

Bollards or a barrier eliminates the potential for through-traffic, creating a safer zone with less hazards for an accident to occur.

Likewise, less through-traffic means than in the case of a fire, there is less risk for evacuating employees, and the fire services will be able to reach your premises quicker.

Installing a car parking barrier is a great proactive step to reducing the risk of criminals setting foot on your premises, and helps to create a safer environment for your business to operate in.

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