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Taking your home security seriously will deter burglars from entering your home, as the majority of thefts happen due to pure opportunity.

Burglars will target your home if you neglect to take basic security measures, so ensuring you take these 5 steps, you’ll be sure to protect your home from theft. 

unlocked door

Locking your doors and windows

This one may seem obvious, but a reported 30% of burglars enter the home through an open door or window and around 34% of burglars enter through the front door (whether this door is open or they pick the lock).

It is absolutely vital that you lock your door, even if you’re in.

Making sure your door is impenetrable when locked is essential, you can do this by installing a deadlock, protecting the hinges and making sure you can’t reach through the letterbox to unlock the door from the inside.

Outdoor lighting

Burglars operate the best in the dark, so lighting up your surrounding areas will deter them from trying to enter your home.

If you can, install motion sensor lights by your front door, backyard and any pathways surrounding your home. A sudden flash of light will scare them off as they will suddenly be brought attention to.

cctv security system attached to wall

Install a security system

If you feel you are particularly vulnerable, we recommend installing a home security system to protect your home from unwanted visitors.

There are plenty of budget-friendly options for home security, ranging from simple door alarms to extensive CCTV systems placed around your house.

You can even connect your phone to the CCTV system so you can see live footage of your home wherever you are.

Limiting sharing on social media

Sharing when you’re on holiday on your public social media pages is essentially telling burglars you’re out of town.

Don’t reveal you’re away in Italy and post pictures of yourself relaxing on a beach on Facebook, as burglars will just be attracted to the empty house you’ve left behind.

Woman using mobile away from home

Consider getting a safe

Having a safe in your home and bolted into the wall is a great option for you to store all your valuables, especially when leaving the home for an extended period of time.

Not only will it make it impossible for burglars to steal your most valuable items, it will also improve your insurance policy.

Putting security measures on your home often reduces the cost of your insurance, so it’s often a more cost-effective way of home security. 

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