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Preventing Fires in Warehouses

Warehouses have a high risk of fire, and due to the high quantities of stock they often hold, can also be a costly accident for businesses.

The layout, and flammable goods often stored in warehouses mean a fire could easily start and spread throughout the whole building, so as a business owner it is important you ensure you know the risks, and take preventative steps to ensure your staff and the premises are safe.


  • Many warehouses will use flammable substances, such as cleaning products
  • Machinery used could develop faults that can lead to fires
  • Smoking materials such as that from incinerators or cigarettes being disposed of incorrectly
  • Faulty electrical equipment not serviced correctly and still used
  • Kitchens
  • Any flammable goods stored in high quantities

Preventing Fires

Once you have identified the risks present within the warehouse, the next steps you should take are preventative measures.


Ensure that staff are provided with health and safety training that allows them to identify any hazards. Staff should be trained how to deal with a fire risk, and of the correct procedures to follow should one be identified.

Fire risk assessments

Regular fire risk assessments should be carried out in the premises to detect any potential fire hazards. The findings from these assessments should then be applied to reduce the fire risks.

Fire Safety Equipment

Installing fire safety equipment is essential in any workplace, including warehouses. Fire detection systems will be able to alert anyone inside as soon as a fire is detected, whilst fire extinguishers can be used to quickly deal with small fires.

Evacuation routes

Your fire risk assessment should identify how staff could escape if a fire did start, and a detailed evacuation plan should be made in this event.

Ensure that the fire exits are clearly marked, and that all staff know the route they should take in the event of a fire alarm.

Arson prevention

Arson is one of the biggest risks for businesses, with 45% of all serious fires caused as a result of opportunist arson attacks. Businesses must identify when they are at risk, and take measures to ensure the premises are secured from outsiders looking to vandalise the site.


Here at Protect & Detect, our services keep your commercial premises safe from the threat of fire. We supply, and maintain, a large variety of fire detection systems, fire extinguishers, and can offer thorough risk assessments of your property.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you, and for more information on the services we offer.


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