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Ride Alarm Mounted To WallFire risk assessments are the most important safety procedure you have to carry out on your premises.

An assessment ensures that your property meets all current fire safety standards.

Its focus centres on the status of your fire extinguishers, the accessibility of fire exits and the location and status of your fire alarms.

But how often should you carry out a fire risk assessment?

Here, we’ll be providing the answer, as well as outlining once again the importance of fire risk assessments.

Who Is Responsible for a fire risk assessment?

If you are the employer, owner, landlord, occupier, or a person in control of the premises such as a facilities manager, you are responsible for completing a fire risk assessment of your business or non-domestic premises.

As such, it is essential for you to know how often to carry out a fire risk assessment.

Regular Assessments Are Key

While there isn’t a fixed period for reviewing your fire risk assessment, it is best to do so on an annual basis. Circumstances change year on year, so maintaining a vigilant attitude with regards to fire safety is the best way to rout the worst risks to safety.

That said, if circumstances on your premises change substantially before your annual review, you should complete another risk assessment promptly. You should review your fire risk assessment if, for instance:

  • There are significant changes to the building layout
  • Staff levels grow or diminish substantially
  • Occupancy limitation changes occur
  • New, potentially risky activities are undertaken on the premises

Likewise, if there are changes to fire safety legislation, you should have another fire risk assessment conducted.

Who Can Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?

If your company has a fully trained fire marshall – which a staff member can become following a four-hour course – then you can safely conduct a fire risk assessment in-house.

However, if this is not the case, you will not have an appropriate ‘competent person’ present who can complete the assessment. In situations like this, we advise that you rely on the expert fire safety services of Protect & Detect.

Protect & Detect is a leading fire safety and security company, servicing Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds, Chelmsford and beyond.

Protect & Detect offers a wide range of fire safety and security services including; fire alarms, fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, intruder alarms, fire sprinkler systems, access control, door entry systems, CCTV, barriers, nurse and warden calls. Contact our friendly team today for a quick quote.


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