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Here at Protect & Detect, through the means of our blog, we’ve made it our mission to reduce fire risks in both domestic and commercial situations, offering tips and advice on how to minimise or eliminate hazards by drawing on our extensive experience in the industry.

Now Christmas time is upon us, we feel it’s important that we alert our readers to some of the main fire hazards that we might experience in our home.

During the month of December, it’s estimated that around 20 people a day lose their life as a result of a domestic fire, something which could be avoided if we remain vigilant.

Although this is a frightening statistic, it needn’t dampen your festive cheer as long as you take heed of the following hazards.

christmas tree

The Christmas tree

Firstly, when you purchase your tree, it’s important to go for one which is as fresh as possible.

Why? Well, older trees have the propensity to shed their needles onto the surrounding carpet, creating an easily avoidable fire risk.

Secondly, it’s important to consider the positioning of the tree itself.

A Christmas tree placed too close to a radiator, fireplace or candles is responsible for causing 1 in 6 of all fires during the Christmas period. In light of this, make sure you place your tree well away from any sources of heat.

On top of this, it might be worth watering your tree lightly every now and then just to be on the safe side, this will stop it getting too dry.


Arguably the best part about Christmas is all the lovely home cooking that goes on, but when you’re cooking a three-course meal for an extended family of 12, things can start to get a bit dangerous.

One of the main problems with Christmas cooking is that we’re much more likely to leave cookers and ovens unattended – especially if the designated chefs are a little merry.

With this in mind, make sure that all the cooking stations are checked often, and maybe enlist some more helpers if you’re struggling alone.


Lights of all kinds are now inextricably bound to Christmas time. We drape them on our trees, ornaments – even our homes.

Although they can look very pretty when arranged in the right way, they can also pose a serious fire hazard.

Fairy lights are responsible for 1 in 3 Christmas tree fires, so it’s important to choose quality when selecting your lights to minimise the risk of a fire breaking out.


Christmas time is a peak period for home candle fires, partly because we can get a little trigger happy with the number we decide to layout.

To avoid this, only place candles in safe places where they won’t be knocked over, and high enough not to be picked up by little ones.

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