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What is the Fire Safety Act?

The Fire Safety Act (Regulatory Reform Order) 2005 states that any responsible person with a level of control over a business or commercial property must ensure that reasonable steps are made to ensure the risk of fire is reduced, and that anyone in the building is able to escape safely should a fire occur.

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Who does the act apply to?

The act applies to anyone with control of a commercial premises, public space or structure.

This can include the employer, manager, occupier of a premises, or anyone else with a level of responsibility within the building.

Often, someone will act as the nominated responsible person to ensure all components of the act are upheld.

What are the requirements?

The Fire Safety Act requires a Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out in every public structure, building or space to identify potential fire hazards.

The fire assessment aims to identify any fire risks within the premises in order for the appropriate actions to be taken to remove or reduce these risks.

Fire hazards can include sources of ignition such as naked flames, heaters etc, fuel, and anywhere these sources pose the risk of creating a fire.

Upon the fire risk assessment’s completion, the responsible person – either yourself or a nominated person – is expected to take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of fire in the property.

The following things should be considered:

  • Fire Detection Systems: It is essential that every commercial property has functioning fire detection systems in place to alert all occupants of the building in the event of a fire
  • Fire fighting equipment: Having fire extinguishers, blankets, and a sprinkler system in place can be effective to tackle small fires before they become a bigger problem in the workplace. These should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure they work correctly should they ever need to be used.

Who enforces the order?

The fire safety act is enforced by your local fire authority, ensuring that all requirements of the act are upheld by commercial properties, especially those deemed a high risk.

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